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Rib Smoke

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Starting my smoke. Initial plans were to include porkchop, but after reading forum posts, decided to grill chops instead.
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Good luck. These days I brine and charcoal grill my pork chops.
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I think you're wise for grilling the chops instead of smoking them.

You got a gas grill, or are you grilling over charcoal? Reason I ask is if you've got a gas grill and want some smoke flavor, you might start them in your smoker for a few minutes and then finish on the gas grill.
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I smoked some stuffed pork chops once. They turned out alright but if I were to do it again I would probably just grill.
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Final Smoke w/ Q-view

Smoke ended prematurely after wife and mother-in-law grew impatient and wanted the ribs after 3 hours on the smoker.

Them: ""Well, they look done"
Me: "They are, but they are not SMOKED"

They did have that nice smoked flavor, however, they were not fallin' off the bone the way I like them

After 3 hours...

Nice and favorful, but still not to my standards.

Oh yeah, I guess my neighbor got tired of me not sharing, I came home from work the other day, and this was in his back yard.

cool.gif Very Cool!!! cool.gif
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Ugh...don't you just hate it when people that have no clue, try to rush your Que?!?

Oh well, as long as you didn't send them home hungry I guess it all worked out.

Very cool that your neighbor is getting into it.
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