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New Drum...Liner?

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I scored a free drum from a guy I work with. The inside has a tannish coating that scratches easily. I got down to bare metal by scratching with a screwdriver.

I thought this was a good sign.....then I tried to burn it with a propane torch. That stuff wont burn!

I will try burning a good hot fire in it and see what happens.
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Give it a good hot burn then grind it out. Wear a dust mask too. Let us know how it goes.
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Sounds like the dreaded liner. Here is some more info for you to read up on.
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Ditto what PigCicles said. But I didn't have much luck with the wire wheel when grinding mine after the burn. But a paint stripper wheel worked pretty good. The one I bought was a little bigger than this pic.
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Were you able to remove all of the liner with a burn and the stripping wheel?

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Sorry I am so late responding to this question. Yes I was able to remove all of the liner with the stripping wheel after the burnout.

Good luck with your build.
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