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Too much for da lang

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Been smoking alot lately but not posting pics.. And to keep Laurel from asking for pics I figure i will post todays smoke... Put 2 butts on at 6:15 this morning... Also doing 3 racks of baby backs --2 lasagna fatties--1 chili cheese dog fattie---5 whole chickens and--bout 30 abt's and of course the wicked beans !! Gonna hafta use the gasser for some of the stuff.... Lots more pics to follow ... Happy saturday peeps !!

butts after an hour

nice day for a smoke
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Looks great so far Mike, keep the Q-view coming!
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Looking good! Wish I was smoking today. I'll just have to go to the garage and sniff my Smoke Vault!icon_eek.gif
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What a feast. Nice
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Mike it looks like a great start to lots of good eats!!
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Ok, here's an update ...

butts 3 hours in

ribs ready to go on

ribs on

peppers getting prepped...
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Nice to see some qview from you again. smile.gif Everything's looking great. What filling will the abt's get?
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Hey Dawn !! most will be crab and cream cheese...Some straight cream cheese... All wrapped in bacon of coursePDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Sounds like fine vittles fer sure! Nothin like big smokes.
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Real nice looking smoke ya got going on.
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Looks great Mike!!! I'm drooling.
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I love ribs!! ......Looking forward to the progress on those ribs....
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Great lookin smoke. Abt with crab meat is so so good eats.
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It's kind of strange to see you actually doing something. I thought you mainly stood by the side with a beer in your hand.

Looks good dude.

I'll be putting on beef ribs and country style ribs shortly.
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LMAO !!!!! That picture comes latericon_lol.gif
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More progress............

beans raedy to go on

abt's ready to go on as well.. crab meat and cream cheese...

lasagna fattie...made the lasagna last night and just cut a chunk for the fattie

chili cheese dog fattie.. Cheddar bacon johnsonville sausage dogs--w/ chili ( hormel in the can :)....and wisconsin sharp cheddar and vermont white cheddar.

abt's and fatties on the gas smoker

the rain showers started and the lang didnt blink an eye...
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You getting any extra steam inside from the rain? I mean does it seem to be getting under the door?
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nice! everything looks great! I'll be over in about 4 hours right?
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nice looking q. I like that Lang (note to self put it on the wish list).
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Everthing's looking good Mike. smile.gif Nice to see you remember how to smoke. icon_lol.gif
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