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Summer sausage cheese ratio?

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I just mixed up 10 lb's of meat for summer sausage and want to add some hi temp cheese to half of it but not sure how much. I'll can do it by eye, but thought I'd ask for some input from someone that has cheesed up their sausage before.
Thanks in advance.
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I've never used the cheese in my sausage before. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help out. Don't forget the pics.icon_lol.gif
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Wish I could help Dan. Haven't ventured into the summer sausage yet. Still messing with the fresh and smoked link sausages. Where did you get the high temp cheese?
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Hey 13, Butcher and Packer sells it. I was just looking at their site and they recommend using it at a 5% to 10% level.
here is the link;
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If I remember corectly Its 5-10%
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Thanks Dan
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Well I went 10%. We'll see how they come out. Hopefully I can get some smoke on them this afternoon ......

9 1/2 at about 1 lb each

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little late Dan

i think 10% will be just fine i use 1 pound of cheese to 10 pounds of sausage its great stuff good luck
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Looks great Dan I look forward to the rest of the progress!!
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Cheese ratio

Not sure of the percentage but I use about 2 or 2-1/2 cups per 10lbs batch. I've never weighed it but I guess now I will to see how many lbs. that is....
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Yep, 10-12% is what I use, and it comes out great!

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The guy I used to get my sausage from always used a 10 to 1 ratio.
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Well I think the 10% number is just right. It was a nice cheese flavor, but not to much.

I do need to work on my mixing the cheese in. I did it about an hour after i mixed the seasonings in and the meat was super tacky and tough to time I'll add it before the seasonings.
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Looks great Dan, Points for you
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Nice job, Dan. That looks really good. smile.gif
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That looks awesome nice job!!
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I use a 1lb. bag per 10 lbs. for mine too; one time I used a 1lb. bag for 5 lbs. and there was a little meat in with my smoked cheese.. lol! I usually pick up 2 or 3 bags when I place an ingredient order; it lasts a good 6 months or more in the fridge in it's vac sealed bags. I've also used some from a bag on salads too!
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Looks great Dan.
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