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Smoked Thick Loin Chops

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Did these Sunday in my Bradley while I was smoking the ribs, using charcoal, hickory and apple. Temps avereaged between 230 -240. The rub was Penzeys Trinidad Lemon-Garlic Marinade. The spray was a mix of apple juice and Capt Morgan. smile.gif

They averaged 1 1/2" thick. After rotating the trays.

The lone survivor. icon_lol.gif


They were a little drier than what I liked. I have no idea how long they took because I wasn't paying close attention to them. icon_redface.gif
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sawheeeeaaaaaaatttttttttttttt thanks for the qview them look great just add a little gravey and all will be well
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Those look good nice job
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Loin chops YUM droooool!
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Yummo they look great Dawn.
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very tasty looking indeed...

for a thick chop like that, i would insert a digi therm..that way they will always be juicy
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Ohh, those look so good
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I was down to one digital and was using that in my other smoker.
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