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Stuffed pork loin

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Worked from home Tuesday, so I decided to smoke a stuffed pork loin. First, sliced it up into three thin layers.

Then, put on the rub.

While the rub was sitting on the pork, I cooked up some fruit in some red wine. Dehydrated cherries, raisins, apples, pears and mangoes all diced up.

Then, most of the mixture went on the pork.

Now, time to roll and skewer!

Then, it's into the smoker with some cherry and apple smoke.

The final product, plated.

And, I also smoked some sweet potato fries. If they're not fried, but instead smoked, can you call them sweet potato smokes?

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Do you use the skewers as a preference? I've always just tied mine shut with cooking string.
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BTW, what's in your "water" pan that makes it yellow?
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I had run out of string to use. So, I improvised with the skewers.

I was using orange juice. This was a very fruity pork loin. I also dropped it down into the pan after it hit 160 and finished it off under foil.
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nice looking pork loin there. from the pics it looks like you got a nice smoke ring. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Gotcha. What does the OJ do to the cooking temps? Does OJ have a significantly different boiling point?
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Doesn't do much of anything for the boiling point that I know of. I just had planned on letting it finish off in the OJ after it hit temp and was lazy enough to just put it in the drip pan to start. I also had a couple of peppers and some garlic in the oj.
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Nice job! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif It looks delicious. You didn't say how it tasted.
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I like that! I posted one a little while ago with apple, mango, pear but didn't try the cherries or OJ.

I like the colorful presentation you get.

Well done.
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It tasted great! Since we are doing Weight Watcher's, this is a little better than some of the other smokes I have done. It is still not really low in calories, but it is better than a fattie! icon_eek.gif
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Great looking loin. Gotta give points for the filling.
Nice work!
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Not possible tongue.gif
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Nice looking smoke!
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Only better from the calories perspective.
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