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i am doing a mexican 6 or 7 layer dip fattie on saturday - Page 2

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now goes on blend of 4 mexican shredded cheeses and dizzy pig spicy rub and cookshack spicy bbq sauce

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time to put in cookshack elite

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damn, sorry.

now i know.

its at 155 internal temperature right now.
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No troubles Brady.
Was that a 2lb chub of sausage?
So far I gotta say that is one nice looking fattie you have going!
Nice tight wrap on it, even without the bacon.
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wow, even though i did many things wrong, or right on my first try. it tastes awesome.

i was too hungry so i didnt wait more than a couple of minutes to start slicing it up after i took it out of the cookshack. the ingredients oozed out, didnt look pretty but taste great.

the chillies were a little crunchy as were the mexican green oninons. not that im complaining but maybe i should have sauteed them before i put them in. it held up pretty good without bacon. i will definitely give this another try.

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yeah i think it was a 2lb

i didnt taste much cheese or bbq sauce and it wasnt as spicy like i thought it would be. i put in a couple of jalapenos and 1 habanero pepper. the refried beans was a nice touch of flavor though.

i will have to experiment some more.
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great job on your first fattie... you are now hooked like the rest of

i sautee my veggies now a little before i put them in. if i use onions again i sautee or mince very finely

it was edible, you will make it
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Don't sautee your chiles, roast them on your grill. Turn them repeatedly intil they are blistered and black and then cover them on a plate for 15-20 minutes. Then, they will peel easily.
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thanks for the recommendations guys

ive had seconds and thirds today, all day, and i realized there was way too much smokey flavor. last night when i cooked the fattie lets just say i was under the influence hehehe.

this morning when i checked the wood box there were several almost done wood chunks. i didnt check the woodbox from my last cook when i did ribs last week. this cookshack machine needs only 2 oz of wood chunk, the fattie was cooked with around 6oz.

anyhow, ive been doing several newbie mistakes but i am learning as i go.

today i did some bone in chicken breasts and chuck roast. im starting to get the hang of this cookshack. practice makes perfect
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You're my kinda "fattie maker"! Looks fantastic and sounds great. I can't remember the occasion - I think a football game PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif but this is my "Border Fattie" just to give you some more food for thought.

After Daphne and I starting thinking up Fattie ideas I just had to make this one.

Of course the local market didn't have any chorizo so I had to season up the 1 1/2 pounds of pork sausage - using Charcuterie recipe for 5lbs I just reduced amounts (except for the Tequila and red wine vinegar) and mixed it up in the KA.

After rolling it out (in the ziplock bag) I spread it with refried beans seasoned with a little extra cumin, some rice mixed with ancho chili powder, two packages of Taco Bell "Fire" sauce and tomato flakes.

Next came two chiles rellenos stuffed with poblanos and jack cheese.

I managed to roll this puppy up using the bag to help - wow what a FAT fattie! Now he's off to the freezer to firm up a bit.

While he chilled I took a pound of bacon and did the basket weave on saran wrap - I had 3 extra slices of bacon but I knew I'd need them to finish the bottom.

Now - onto the smoker for about 3 hours over apple and mesquite chips. The water bowl had apple cider and water, a jalapeno, black peppercorns, and a cinnamom stick. As it smoked Bob sprayed it with a mixture of margarita mix and Tequila.

The fattie was done just after the game ended.

I tented it to stay warm while I prepped the rest of dinner, Spanish rice with corn & black beans, and a salad with tomato and avocado dressed only with lime juice and olive oil. Dinner was perfect!

Truly a thing of beauty!

The chile relleno just added that sumpin sumpin!
Keep on smoking! Geeze we're overdue for a fattie!
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holy cow that looks awesome. that will be my next try. i do a lot of chiles reyenos and spanish rice. did you list all the ingredients in your post? wood used, etc. i cant find a thread on this one you did
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Brady I think we smoked it over apple and mesquite (70/30). I think I originally posted this on Cuisine@Home.

Do you have the Rhuleman & Polcyn book Charcuterie??? This is my bible right now! The recipe for the Chorizo is what I used to season up the pork sausage for the fattie. I just made Spanish rice - no recipe just from my head. I also sprinkled it with sliced red onions, halved black olives, and scallions. The beans were some leftover cooked pintos I had on hand.

I used Poblano (or Pasilla) chiles (roasted and peeled) stuffed with jack cheese and cooked in an egg batter. For simplicity you will need eggs that are separated, flour (1 TBS for each egg), and some salt. Beat the whites until stiff peaks form. With the same beaters beat together the egg yolks, flour, and salt. Fold the egg yolk mixture into the whites.

Place 1/2 to 3/4" of oil in a hot cast iron pan. Spoon batter into the pan, gently lay the stuffed pepper on top and cover with enough batter to seal.
Turn when the first side is done and cook until the 2nd side is brown and the eggs are cooked through.
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now thats some kickass fatties i'm here to tell ya thanks for the qviews PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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