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Butts at Sams

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Today's price was 98 cents per pound. Just in case you are running low.
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Just talked to my butcher at Roundy's pick and save in Wisc. picked up baby backs, on sale the next two weeks for 2.99, and he said pork butts starting next week will be .88 per lb
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I'll have to see if they're the same here. I could stand to stock up for the summer. Thanks for the heads up.
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I hope thats company wide. I sure can use more butts around here.
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Do you think we could think up another illness and blame on pigs too, really drive the price of baby backs down to about .99 per poundicon_lol.gif
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What we need now is a good ol beef brisket flu. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gifPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif:PDT_Armataz _01_11:

Apparently us Iowans are the only ones left supporting the pork industry. Prices here are still holding pretty steady. Haven't been to the store for a week or so. Just looked at HyVee's online ad and they have Hormel baby backs for $3.99 a pound. And that's in their ad

But glad to hear (for our sake, not the farmers) prices are dropping in WI.
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My Sam's wasn't anywhere near that price on butts. I did get two shoulder blade roasts (butts) at winco for .78 a pound. Will pick up a couple of more before it goes off sale. Wanted to wait till the two in fridge in cure to finish first.
aka Rocky
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MAD COW! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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My wife Picked up butts for me yesteday at Sams in peoria and they where 1.18 still not too bad a price. havent seen 89 or 99cents around here in a long time.
last 99 centers around here were at Hyvee and your paying for added water in those hormel ones. I wont buy them anymore
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Hormel St. Louis Style are $1.49 here in Indianapolis and baby backs are $2.99. Have you cooked Hormels before? I am thinking about loading up at these prices.
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