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2 Chuck Roasts W/Qview Another Pay Back

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I tried to get my weed whacker started for 2 days to no avail. I cleaned the air filter and scraped the spark plug gap with a knife, looked good enough to get a spark, sprayed it with WD 4O and it looked good. Carol has a friend whose husband is handy and he said he would look at it. I dropped it off at his house and in 45 minutes he called me and said it runs fine. WTF? He said he cleaned the plug is all.

I asked if they like BBQ and of course he said yes. So tomorrow I will be picking it up with one of these.

1.79 a pound here, nice.

Rubbed with granulated garilc and lemon pepper. I got my drip pans with 2 1/2 cups of beef broth and some thinly sliced onions which wll be drained and frozen until the fat gets solid and added back to the beef in the AM.
I am using hickory and mesquite at 225 and looking for an internal of 165 or above and then foiling till the am and will pull and deliver.

Here they are at 150'.

More to come.
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Looking good !!!.....I can't wait to see the next set of views.
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Here they are stalled at 160'.

I will just stay up for another hour or so and foil them and set the MES at 190' and go to bed and pull in the AM.
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Hate when things stall.
It's like the meat has a mind of its own sometimes and just likes to be stubborn.
Figure you have wrapped it and hit the hay by now.
Good luck, glad you are able to whack the weeds now.
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Thanks Fire it up. I just ate a chick thigh and some taters and foiled the Chuck roasts till tomorow morning.

Will follow follow it up in the AM with pics.
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Looking good, Ron. Thanks for the Qview.
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Looking very good,,,,,,,,
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Looks great as always Ron! Man you eat good!
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Looks really good. And what a better way to get services!
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HEY!.....I can fix stuff too!!!!Love the MES window views!
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Got any odd jobs I can do? I can clean out the smoker? Then of course you'll have to dirty it up again to pay me back for the cleaning.

Nice work sir.
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I have good news and bad. The good will be first.

Right before foiling.

This AM pan # 1 was pulled. Not too happy but I saved it. No liquid left in the pan and dry. I added some water and some saved smokey au jus and they said it was delicious.

Pan # 2 was ****. Burnt to the bottom of the pan Carol was going to have some tonight when she got home from work and said "WTF?" No saving this one. Taking it down the road for the Cyotes, rather than the garbage.

I have no idea what happened when I was sleeping but something did. I even checked my settings on the control panel this AM and it was at 190'. It's not like this is the first time using this method, and it has worked great in the past.

I am doing a test right now and will see what happens. I need to get to the bottom of this. I don't like ruining meat, not to mention my pride.icon_redface.gif

Thanks for watching.
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They look good. At least you were able to save one of them, Ron.

Thank you for sharing the smoke with us even though it didn't turn out well. Please be sure to keep us updated on what you find out about the cause of the problem.
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Glad u got your weed eater running. That first pan looks great. Second pan works for me. Love the burnt ends here. If this happens to me i grind it and use it in some other dish. Coyotes eat well here to Ron. I feel better about knowing you other experienced smokers get a curve ball once in a while like i do. Keep the smoke rolling Ron.
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Its nice to see even the pros can mess one up.
Don't worry I'm sure you'll nail the next one like you usually do Ron. Thanks for sharing I always enjoy following your smokes. I'm going to have to try that Yoshida sauce your always using. That lamb you did looked perfect.
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Will do Dawn.
I did a 2 night test and the temps were different from top left to top right by at least 25' higher on the right and at one point 42'. Also using the meat probe at grate level it was 10' cooler than the controller. I am sending this link to Kim at Masterbuilt and she is going to have engineering look at it as it is a new model and this is the first report of any thing like this. I am thinking of testing it tonight with just water and leaving it on all night at 180' and seee what happens, since I can't trust it with meat anymore.redface.gif I did just that with a pan on each side filled with water, I'll see what happens.

THANKS KIM And Show This To Your Boss, you are appreciated here on the forum even if you don't know it.

Thank you.
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