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Does This Look Like Shreded BBQ Pork To You? W/Qview

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I was at the casino for lunch and have been avoiding their buffet because of the quality. I usually get a bowl of soup or a sandwich at the deli. They had a senior's special today for 4.95 and one item was listed as Shreded BBQ Pork so I thought I would give it a try.

I know this is a poor cell phone pic, but believe me even a thousand dollar camera couldn't help this pathetic crap. Had to use a knife to cut it and chew like hell. Sorry to say, I needed to use a toothpick to get the crap that was stuck between my teeth.PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif

I hate to say it, but it was barely even worth the 5 bucks. The cottage cheese was good, bean soup was just alright, fruit was not ripe.

I should have known better. Oh well, I need to talk to the GM about doing some REAL BBQ, you never know. They paid me 500 dollars to do a 40 minute seminar on slots, done that 8 times, easiest 4 k I ever made. Maybe they will listen to me, you never know, worth a shot.

Strange what people in the food business call BBQ isn't it?
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Ron, the pic wasn't available to view. But, you're right about what some folks call Q, especially in the food biz. Better luck next time around.
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Sorry for the bad Q Ron but good luck on your proposal to 'enlighten' them to the virtues of real Q.

That's funny that it was so tough. Most places that try to pass off shredded pork as real Q just crockpot or stew the meat, shred, and soak it in liquid smokey barbecue sauce. In these cases, it's usually all mushy. Unfortunately, there's gangloads don't know the difference.
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Dang Ron it looks real bad looks like a red x thats nasty stuff biggrin.gif
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Let me tell you I would have been ok with it if they used liquid smoke or some resemblance of smokey flavor.

Is the pic showing up now?
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Another try at the pic with photo bucket. Sorry this should work.

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I'm not sure what that is.
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you should have taken it to the GM and had him try it, a casino of all places can afford to spend 20 grand on a nice big cooker, in this day and age of push button cookers and stokers the guy moping the floor could have done better with box store rub. They probably got one of them high pressure cookers that does 100 lbs of anything in three hours, its fine for most people but not even close to real que for flavor, texture and bark.
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I call you crazy if you put that stuff any where near your mouth. Mike
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RUN that doesn't look like anything we all cook. Was that sauce or did you sneeze? Don't you hate it when somebody tries to sell you something that you know isn't really what they say. I would definely think twice about eating there again. soup????
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Bizzare Foods should look that place up! Looks like "nasty bits".
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That just ain't right. Funny how some places just slap some sauce on a piece of meat and call it a bbq.
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X2 Ron your a braver man than I am or hungrier Cause I wouldn't have bought or ate it.
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Remember, if you can't smell smoke, it isn't BBQ! I would think you have developed some pretty good credibility with mangagement, and they ought to listen to you regarding this issue. But of course, they are just management after all.
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I saw something the other day that looked just like that....except it was in the middle of the road and still attached to the possum.....or rather what was left of him. Slots seminar? What do you need to know except don't do it. Are you suggesting you can actually win money from those things?
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after I have started smoking I don't ever get "BBQ" sandwiches unless its from a place that specializes in BBQ. After seeing all the great food you pump out Ron I am suprised you eat out at all!
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Not suggesting you can win money specifically, but you can and need to know money management, read the pay scales, etc, and yes get lucky. I write a monthly column and my sign off is "GOOD LUCK, AND DON"T FORGET TO HIT THE CASH OUT BUTTON!

Thanks man, I do it just to get away from the house for a few, otherwise I don't. I have never had any BBQ here since I lived here 12 years. Why waste money?
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Ron... sorry to say this, read your post the the ladyfriend, the picture didn't post above, when I scrolled down to this picture, she said looks worse than what the cat threwup... I see a calling for you to improve the Q at this casino... and Just a suggestion... find out when their bbq pork is being made again, and do up some real Q and have the GM sample both side by side, and tell him it will take a long time to convince people to come back, but in the long run business would boom, and would be worth it for him to have you train there COOKS (apparently not CHEF) to do a great Pork Q.

thanks for sharing this
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That's nasty.

But from their point of view, they've got a captive audience. And hey they got $5.00 from the master of the Q. Just imagine what they pull in from the seniors who bus in from the nursing homes who are happy to have anything other than pudding.

Sad, sad, sad.
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Hey Ron a couple of questions.

Were those slimy looking slug-like things alive?

Did you win $50,000 for eating more than the other contestants?

What is Joe Rogan like in person?

Apparently Fear is not a factor for you. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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