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Quick Bacon ????

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Hey guys quick question... Im new to the forum and new to smoking... I just picked up a half of a Berkshire hog today and was REALLY looking forward to taking the belly and curing\smoking it into bacon... Well when I got the boxes home and and looked at my loot ALL 9 pounds of belly had been sliced like a thick cut bacon but NOT CURED and NOT SMOKED... Now I had asked them to NOT cure nor smoke the belly, but I misread the order sheet and did not see that the raw side pork would come SLICED already.... My question is how or can I still cure and smoke this 9 pounds of sliced belly\side pork and make bacon? or am I screwed since its already sliced?

If Im screwed how about a few suggestions as to what to do with 9 pounds of sliced raw side pork? Thanks in advance to any replies\suggestions that come forward...

BTW like I said Im new to smoking and am smoking on a brinkman electric... not impressive I know but hey Im a rookie...

Thanks in advance...

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bummer-I sure like slab,layer it all together like a slab and cure it-with what ever season u want-butcher twine it to hold as 1 piece or 2-cure and smoke still twined-should work out-rinse well after cure and if u use tenderquick u might want to untie before rinse and re tie after.smoke as a tied slab.should work.
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You can still cure it and get a product like salt pork. I imagine it would be hard to smoke individual slices in a Brinkman. But if it's your thing, you can add liquid smoke to the cure. I'd try a small batch and see how it turns out.

I only have a couple of slabs of bacon experience under my belt. I'm sure others will join in soon.

Congrats on the half hog.
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Oh yeah, did they leave the skin on? I've always cured and smoked my bellies with the skin on and then removed it afterward. That'd be quite the project to remove strips of skin from 9 lbs of slices!
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no thank god they did take the skin off so thats good... Im thinking the twine would work... Im trying to think of other ways to essentially clamp the slab back together...
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