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Beef Pot roast?

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Got some meat in the freezer that I am trying to get rid of, we buy a half every year. I found some labled beef pot roast, any guesses as to what cut that might be? It is worth smoking? should I do it like a brisket? Any help would be greatly apprieciated......maybe its a rib roast SURPRISE? icon_eek.gif
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I've done many roasts. They are all good, just do them low and slow and you'll be fine. Cook to your desired internal temp and eat up!
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Pot roast and rib roast should be labeled differently, but it depends on your packer since it was a custom job.
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That may be a bottom round or similar. Got a pic of it? I bet someone can identify it unless it is all cut up already.
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It is a brick right now, when I thaw it out i will post it.
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I have smoked many a rib or pot roasts and their great if cooked right. The only thing you don't smoke is like Nike, reeboc, or converse.
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Yes do it like a brisket. Foil it at 160 internal temp and cook to 190 to 200 for fall apart smoky pot roast.
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