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Rsvp me Laurel I am in on the food chip in. Let me know if we need any beef, I have several roasts in the freezer.

If possible I will be down on thursday.

Al you will do anything to keep from cookin me gator. Hope you get better
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1 month away!


Time to start the countdown until the 3rd Annual N. FL Gathering!! Only a month out, folks. Hope we see some new faces, and some familiar ones, too!!
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New member here and 1st post.

We'll be on our way to FL for the winter late Oct. But we may be able to get out of Pittsburgh earlier. We'll be headed to Crystal River via I-95/FL200/US301.

Where is this N. FL gathering located???

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So what is the plan of events? Seein' if I can swing this. Which are the main days and are there certain times or events planned?
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Tom I sent you a PM your certainly more than welcome and I still have some RV spots available. What I didn't say in my PM was that from camp to Crystal River is a 3.5-4 hour easy drive at the speed limit.

If you have a tent or an RV bring it and the family and come spend the weekend with us theres plenty of room at the camp. People will be arriving Thursday night, Friday, and probably some on Saturday. Since most will arrive Friday we'll throw something together for dinner and kinda sit around the campfire or cookshed and kinda get to know each other and bs a bit. We may even do some prep work for the big smoke on Saturday. Saturday we'll crank the smokers early and have some breakfast probably fixed in the kitchen unless somebody is getting up real early biggrin.gif A day of kinda what ever seems some people like playing with the wood splitter while others like to eat some snacks and bs and others will be getting the feast ready. Saturday night will be more of the same just enjoying the company and the fire. Many people will eat breakfast Sunday morning and break camp and head home while others will just chill and leave when they get good and ready too icon_mrgreen.gif Its really a laid back kinda weekend with some good food and some good people. There is plenty of room to roam and its pretty quiet out there other than us. If you can't make the weekend at least try to make Saturday
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BUMP!!! Looks like we're going to have a good turnout, so far!
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Sounds like we'll have a decent crowd but we can always have a bigger one if you can make it come join us.
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I am getting fired up now, Trying to fit all the work that needs done between now and then before the 7th.

Let me know what I owe ya Laurel.
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As soon as I get back from vacation, I'll be blabbing with Jerry to figure out "the goods" list and will email everyone the cost.

This will be fun :)
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Count me in. I am going to make the trek over. No weddings this year.
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Well guys thanks to some really unexpected faimly and situation problems I am out for this trip. Have agood time, wish we were going to be there.
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Jeff wish you were coming down now I gotta eat your share of oysters biggrin.gif Hopefully you can make the next one
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Ok we are less than two weeks away and trying to figure food and things so it would be nice to know who's going to attend if your coming post it and how many your bringing. I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and spending some time with those that I've already met.
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I'm coming. I'm bringing just me. biggrin.gif
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2 coming from cajun country.
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I'll be there Fri night (for the wknd), and will have a friend arrive on Saturday.
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Have a competition this weekend.One day i would love to drive on down and hang for a week..........Have Fun-TAKE CARE FOLKS!!!!!!
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Count me in........ Will know later this week if i can make it on Fri or Sat......
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I'll be there, at the latest, Friday late morning. May come out after work on Thursday but I would have to leave to go back to Tally to pick up the oysters on Friday morning (the seafood house gets them in Friday mornings).

Also, I have a portable shower enclosure/tent that I use for camping. Jerry and I had intended to build a shower in time for the event but things just didn't work out. So, I'm bringing the shower tent and a 5 gallon solar shower. Everyone is welcomed to use it. However, you may want to pop into to Wally World and pick up a solar shower for your own personal use since they take a couple of hours to heat up and only last one or two people. I checked last night and the Wally by me had them on the shelf in the camping section for $7. Trust me, after a day or two a good wet down will feel mighty fine.

They look like this
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I thought the water hose felt just fine last time biggrin.gif
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