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ROFL !!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'll be glad to coordinate the sides for the Fall gathering. No problem with it last time and eveyone seemed to be fine with it. Jerry, we'll get to talking, soon, about the stuff :)
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Sounds good. Alblancher, I can make some gator boudin. Can get gator at the local market. That sounds like a good idea...
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Thanks Laurel and Steve
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Is it October yet biggrin.gif
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No darnit... But if you look really hard, u can see it from here..icon_mrgreen.gif
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Ok a little problem has come up. I am having surgery on my elbow the middle of next month and from what they say I'll still be pretty useless by the time of the gathering. So we're gonna need some people to step up and handle doing everything or I'd have to cancel and I really hate to do that. So who will step up and help us out. The lang ain't that hard to run and everything you need should be right there
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I've got your back Jerry.
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Jerry ,
I won't know if we are going to make it till the 1st of oct. But if we are there the wife and i will both do whatever is needed.
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If I make it down, you can count on me too. smile.gif
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Way it is looking provided nothing stupid happens I will take on whatever requested. Lets cordinate so If I need to bring anything I don't get there and find out it is in Indiana. Looks like I will be solo unless we can find someone to take the kids for the weekend.

I have never run anything as fancy as a Lang,,, but I think I could chip in,,, Last I saw Jerry has a GOSM and I am pretty decent on it,,,
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I'm still planing on coming if'n I can convince the better half that spending almost $400 to fly down for a weekend of Q'ing is really an investment rather than a vacation. If I make it, i'll chip in where ever I can and i'll bring the chopsticks! Can't have Q with the proper eating utensils!
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I think i can run a lang...icon_mrgreen.gif Plus i plan on showing up alot earlier on Friday this time ... I will do whatever u need me to.. You will still be able to drink rum slushees, right?icon_mrgreen.gif
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My plans are now up in the air. I laid the bike down on the first day of vaction in Arkansas. 6 broken ribs, broken collar bone, broken clavical, lacerated spleen and busted ankle. 7 days in the hospital and just got back home Saturday. 11 hrs bouncing in the truck to get home. I'm healing fast but I understand that ribs and shoulders take a while. I still have you on the schedule but I'll have to see if traveling and sleeping on the ground is possible.

Just wanted to let my friends on SMF know.

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Laying the bike down is NOT a good thing. icon_sad.gif Glad you weren't hurt worse. I hope you heal quickly with little pain.
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Dang Al hope you heal quick I'm sure your not feeling to great right now. If you get better you can make your brother do all the work you'll have an excuse biggrin.gif Whether you can make it or not keep us posted on how your doing
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As you know getting away from the pain meds as soon as possible is important so i expect to do a bit of grin and bear it for a couple of days. Cant work on Darvacet.

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Dang, this must mean no Tiger Hor d'oeuvres?? icon_mrgreen.gif
I probably will have to go out and trap that dang Gator also PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif

Sorry about the accident though, those bikes can be tricky.
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Al - I'm just catching up on things and am so shocked to hear about your accident. I bet Liz is taking good care of you PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif . Definitely wish a speedy recovery for you!!

To the others that are attending the gathering:

As we did for the past gathering, for those that want to pitch in to the "grocery pot" in lieu of bringing food items, please shoot me a PM. Last time we had enough people chipping in that it only came to $25 per person, and we had PLENTY of food. In fact, I think Jerry may still be eating leftovers ... icon_cool.gif

Let's shoot to have an RSVP date of Sunday, 9/20/09.

Looking forward to meeting some new faces, and re-visiting with old friends! icon_smile.gif
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The time is getting closer and I'd like to take this opportunity to invite anybody that wants to come we have gotten lots of new members from Florida and the south in general. So ya'll come on out its a fun weekend come for the weekend or for the day
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