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Bob - I believe you and Al may be the ones tending to that flag pole biggrin.gif there will be equal representation so far of the SEC, except for those couple FSU fans ... PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Sure hope people are making plans to attend we are gonna have a good time I'm sure
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Still planning on coming. Just one question? Will Florida have enough players out on bail to field a team?

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Glad to hear you're still going to make it, Al. Maybe we can get ya to bring another jar of the mayhaw jelly! That stuff was awesome .. biggrin.gif
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Hi Laurel,

BCfishman asked me for a couple of jars also. I just finished with the jelly end of June (harvest is finally over) so I'll definetly bring some to the October Smoke Fest. Thanks for the complient. PM me your shipping info and I'll drop a jar or two in the mail same time I mail BC's. Muscadines are almost ready to pick so I'll wait until I have some of that ready to go.
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I plan on making it to this one....
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Is it October yet biggrin.gif
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I was just thinking the same thing !!
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biggrin.gif You should be proud to have Superman pay you a visit. Go Gators!!
On the calendar. I'll make one of these someday.
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LOL, with Superman, you don't need a full team wink.gif
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Hey everyone. It's been a while since Ive posted or been active. Im, back in college and taking 18 hours this Summer B Term and life is CRAZY. Tons of work to do but it will be slowing down once fall starts.

Crazy to think the gathering will be in just over two months.

I can't wait. Anniversary is on the 8th so don't know how Ill swing this one, but one way or another Ill be there. Maybe get my brothers to come down for the weekend.

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Jerry, what ya need me to bring? Maybe I will start making some batches of Boudin soon...
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I asked for the days off and baring any major issues will be there with the faimly
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Of all the weekends!!! My father is turning 50 and im headed up to upstate New York for some King Salmon fishing...

I would have loved to have taken the 18 hour drive down to you!

And besides, I don't think my fiance would paticullary care for me heading down to Florida 2 weeks before our wedding...

Thanks for the offer!
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I'm still planning on coming down, more than likely will be solo.
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sounds like you all will have a blast!!! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gifPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Superman is probably the greatest potential 4th round pick to ever play college football. Looks like we'll have more LSU fans at Piney's then cold blooded reptile fans. Hey Cajun Smoke, can some of that Boudin be alligator?

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No NFL team would be that stupid to wait that long.

Tebow's biggest game in the season came against the LSU Tigers on October 7, 2006, where he accounted for all three of the Gators' touchdowns, passing for two and rushing for another. Tebow had a one-yard run on the goal line for his first score, a one-yard "jump pass" to tight end Tate Casey, in which he jumped in the air and double-pumped his arm before releasing the ball, and a 35-yard play-action pass to wide receiver Louis Murphy.

LSU will make a comeback, someday. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Gator season opens first week of September, maybe I'll have to bring some. Having smoked gator would be appropriate if Piney is willing to give it a shot. If you ask Flash the gator won't even be the least bit bruised up.

Sumo, are you willing to coordinate the fix-ens again. I know it's still early but I'm hoping Liz and I can ride our bikes to this one. I'll bring a bit of Jam, a small ice chest with a couple of pounds of gator tail if Jerry is willing and if you are interested I'd like y'all to try my baked beans.

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Hey, I would rather have Gator Tail, Tigers taste like chit. icon_mrgreen.gif
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