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shredded chicken breasts

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my sister in law did not want ribs or ham so I did 4 chicken breasts for her with my mothers day stuff

the chicken was done with famous daves red bottle chicken rub, shredded and had SBRays sauce applied minimally, she liked it alot, it was very little work to cook but I really need some claws, trying to get a fine shred with forks sucks

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Man that looks good my wife wants me to do that with chicken. How was that ham in there?
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the ham was really good, I didn't do anything to it but spritz and it turned out great, there is a picture of it in the other thread.
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Nice looking bird what kind of wood did you use?
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it was an all cherry cook this time, the other thread has some nice tbs from the cherry
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That all looks really good! I bet those beans were just fantastic!

This is a complete noob question, but is that a piece of wood that the probe is stuck in? If so, do you use that for everything that you smoke?

Thanks for posting!

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Nice job on the chicken breasts.....hope your SIL appreciated them!!
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Nice job. Breasts can be hard they dry out so fast.
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I love smoked chicken! Great job. I assume those were skinless?
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the chunk of wood is just to keep the probe off the grate and give an accurate measure of the temps at any point in the pit, that was during the early chicken spike I think and I was wanting to make sure it was hot enough as the door gauges are closer to the upper rack temps and 10 degrees or so hotter than that lower shelf most of the time.
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yeah boneless and skinless
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Real nice job. Chicken is one of my favorites on the smoker. That BellFab is making some real nice grub.
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