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Spaghetti & Meatball Fattie

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Another new fattie for me. I thought an Italian sausage fattie filled with meatballs, spaghetti noodles and sauce, plus some parmesan cheese might be a good one. I also had ingredients for another pizza fattie, so I did that one at the same time. I used lump with some apple chunks to provide the smoke.

Spaghetti & meatball assembly:

Just a basic pepperoni pizza fattie for the second one:

The pizza fattie got a bacon weave wrap:

About an hour into the smoke at 230 degrees:

Finshed products after three hours:

Sliced 'em in half to show the goods:

The spaghetti & meatball fattie was very good; I definitely would do another one, maybe with a little more spaghetti in it next time.
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Gonna have to try that spaghetti & meatball fattie.....that looks awesome!!
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The spaghetti and meatball looks awesome!

One question: did you completely cook the spaghetti noodles, or were they al dente, or even pre-cooked?

Again, the fatty looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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I just made a fattie last night but have to try the spaghetti and meatball version sometime, too! Thanks for sharing.
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I cooked the noodles al dente, hoping they would hold up to the extra cooking time in the smoker. They came out of the smoker just about perfect.
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Gawd, I love the stuff we post! Incredible the ideas that come out of the forum and the successful try-outs. Excellent fatties my friend, and points for the originality of the spaghetti noodles. Seen pasta here, but not noodles. Good to go!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I think they both looked good, and both great ideas. Thanks for sharing.
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NO WAY!!!!! That is awesome....good job man
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Now that is a very interesting idea. It looks like it worked.
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spegetti and meat balls.......What a good idea I will have to put that one on the have to list. It looks like the noodles held up just fine
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Now thats one I never would have thought of but there are alot of things I see here I never would of thought of. Great idea
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I have done a lasagna fattie, but I think I need to try a spaghetti and meatball one now. Nice work!
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I'm sorry..a what? Did you say a SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALL fattie?!?!
I wish we could swear on here because that is ^$#^&ing awesome. Totally hilarious but it totally worked. You rock! Mega points!
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Hokie I hope it's alright with you but I am going to make that one for the Wife's family this weekend. They have no idea what a Fatty is. They are all going to be amazed...icon_eek.gif
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that is freakin crazy i am so going to try that too i cant wait til i can go visit my family i will be smoking fatties all day everyday with them, i will smoke so much that i will have a smoke smell on my skin that will never come off
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