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First smoker

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Hi, I'm Rocky from upstate NY and I am very excited that such a forum like this exists. Having never used a smoker before, my decision to build my own double barrel smoker is quickly taking shape.

So far I've purchased...

2 55 gallon steel barrels
1 Vogelzang barrel kit
2 Vogelzang adapter kit
2 Additional 6" damper collars

Yet to purchase..

Wheels for the base
Grill Paint
Black Stove Pipe 6"
Chimney shantee
Grill rack
Cover for on top of flues for dripping
Grill Handle
Appropriate wood to burn

Will try to post some pics along the way..very new to this so I appreciate your input and patience with my questions.
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Welcome, if you have never smoked, take the 5 day smoking e-course. It really helped me out a lot. Also I recommend buying jeff's naked rib rub. The e-course is free and will have a link to go purchase the rib rub. I've used it on Boston Butts and it is friggin awesome. Take some pics of the progress of the smoker too. Glad to have you. You will get alot of help!
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Hi Rocky, good to know you're finding some good reading here st the SMF. Enjoy my friend.
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Welcome to the SMF Rocky. Good luck with the build and keep us posted on your progress.
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Awesome!! Your gettin ready to enter the world of smoking and you can find all ya need to know within the halls of the SMF!!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. We'd love to see pics of the smoker building.
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Welcome to the SMF. Should you have any questions on your smoker build, there are lots of knowledgeable folks here to help.
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Welcome to SMF glad you joined us. Post some pics of your build as it progresses. I to suggest Jeff's 5 day Ecourse good info and its free
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Welcome aboard!! I too would like to see some of the pics of your build, your in for some of the best eats you could have. Good luck!
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Hey Rocky, welcome to SMF. Nothing like jumping right in. Good luck on the build and keep us posted with some pictures.
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Welcome Rocky! Those pics will be helpful to other folks who want to try to build so don't leave them out! Have fun!
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Welcome to SMF Rocky....nice ta have ya here!
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Welcome aboard Rocky from a fellow upstate New Yorker! Where abouts are you? I am in Victor outside of Rochester.
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Stove Pipe error???

Thanks for all the support and I look forward to the extensive wealth of knowledge that you all seem to have.

Well I guess I'll fire away with my first question so I appreicate any direction anyone can offer. Picked up some black stovepipe today at my local fireplace store. Ordered 2 12" and a 24" both 6" in diameter. It then occured to me that my damper collar is also 6" in diameter. Does this mean I would have to get smaller stove pipe for my flues? I planned on trimming down the stove pipe to about 4" in in length. Any ideas is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome aboard to the SMF, Rocky!
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