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Leftovers-eye of round beef stew

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A few weeks ago I found a deal on eye of round roasts, buy one get one free so I decided to grab them and smoke one up.

There was plenty of meat left after dinner and next day sandwiches and I hate things to go to waste so instead of freezing it I decided to turn it into beef stew.

First I cubed the beef, tossed it in flour, garlic powder and pepper and seared in a cast iron pan.

Added the meat to 5 cups beef broth with some pepper, rosemary, thyme and garlic. Brought it to a boil then reduced heat and simmered for about an hour. Added some celery, potatoes, carrots and onion and a roux and simmered for another hour. You could use cornstarch and water but I prefer a roux, added the roux to a little beef broth then poured it in. If going by cornstarch and water I would have done probably 3 teaspoons.

Served it up with some toasted Italian bread.
It was really good, meat was very tender and stew had a nice flavor. Good underlying smokiness.

Thanks for looking.
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NICE, I love beef stew. And especially with the bread. Points!points.gif
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Nice job on the leftovers! Looks yummy!
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I love beef stew on a cold, snowy day. That looks good, I may have to make it sooner...haha

Great job, and thanks for the Qview.
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I love beef stew too but I will take it on a warm sunny day too!!
definately want stew before I want another cold snowy day!!
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Cold and rainy here in Iowa today. I'd love to have a big bowl of that right now. Great job!
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Great job thet stew looks yumo. Can I steal that recipe. Thanks I knew you would say thet.
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That looks great! I did a very similar thing recently with some left over ribeye roast... It's such a great way to use up leftovers, save money and continue to feed the family! Here is my version...
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