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Graduation smoke starting - Page 2

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With all that butt it should be a great party!!!
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Nice smoke you've got goin' there Mark! Sounds like you've got a good handle on the whole plan...just stick with what feels right and you'll come out the other end smilin'!!!

Keep it thin blue, my friend!

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That is a big smoke you got going. Good job so far.
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Ok some more pictures.... Keeping me busy ...Check meat, take pics, post here, check meat..a vicious circle lol!! Kinda of jumping topics here but keepin with the post.

First pic the Bradley loaded, 2 Butts and a triple tied chuck on top.

Now the SnP with only chucks minus the 2 that were foiled and went into the oven to give me more room.

Now for the last pic what I will be drinking a homebrew, needed to try a sample!
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Looks awesome theres gonna be lots of good food at that party!!
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That's a nice beer mug you got there. Beer looks good too.
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Lookin good Mark....gonna be a heck of a party!!
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three pages and no one had the urge to say "baby got back".

Nice color on the home brew. Was there a difference in taste between the charcoal and the electric?
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Man it all looks good Mark.
Especially the beer but especially the meat, but especially the beer.
Sounds like you are pretty busy keeping up, but I'm sure you're having a blast.
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You have the p[an and you are making it happen! Congratulations and a darn good looking homebrew you have there too.

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We really need more drool icons and less military ones but anyway looks great points.gif
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This is awesome! Way to go Iowa. You get points from me for sure. I only hope the graduate and all your guests know what great lengths you're going to for them. And I hope you get your fill too. And hopefully a little leftover.
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Just finished up all the meat. It is in bags in the freezer just waiting to get froze, then thawed out put into a roaster and get a shower with the juices I saved. Here is a pic of the pulled chuck minus two of the tied up triple roasts. Tying them didn't work too bad but I am sure they would be better if they were 6 or 7 pounders to start with, instead of 2 or 3 pounders tied together.

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Looks like it turned out great MHR!
Nice job!
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