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Wifes father was supposed to be with us this weekend but due to some medical issues he couldn't come. I had already purchased a cryo pack of ribs from costco so I said what the hey. Were having Ribs.

Decided to try some things a little different today. I took my rub and made a paste/sauce to apply. Then used the extra for a mop. Foiled with apple juice.

Here are the ribs just out of the smoker.

Kids plate

These were prob some of the best tasting ribs i have made to date. It was a beautiful balance of spice and smoke.

Thanks for watching.
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They look really good Brian. I wouldn't mind being a taste tester. icon_lol.gif
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Nice pull back on those ribs, Brian. They look deeeeelicious! What kind of wood did you use this time?
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Perfect Brian, give us details. Man they look good.
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Looks great!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Those look great nice job to bad the FIL had to miss them
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Nice smoke & Q Brian, they look great and must have been the hit of the day.
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They look great Brian, nice job!
What did ya add to the rub to make the paste?
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Good looking ribs, Brian! Thanks for the Qview.
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Real nice job on those ribs Brian!!
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good looken ribs Brian sorry bout the inlaw.
thanks for the qview.
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Good looking ribs Brian. Hope everything is ok with your in-laws.
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You can use anything to make the paste. I was thinking about water but didnt want to loose any flavor. Then I reached for the apple juice but managed to pull out fruit punch( the stuff with real fruit juice not the fake) and decided to use that instead. I am pleased with it. The juice added some depth to the flavor.

I will be trying it again this way and will try other juices.
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nice lookin ribs
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nice piggy bones brian!!! great pull back and way to go trying something new!!! should try orange juice-wait you already know that lol!!!points.gif
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Yes I am a fan of the OJ. I would have used that but we were out.

Thanks to all for the compliments.
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wow those ribs look great
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Great job! Gotta try the paste deal, great idea!
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Those look awesome.
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