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Mothers day Dinner

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I did another thread this morning with the Mothers day breakfast with
ABTs I did for the wife.
This is her Dinner. menus for both were picked by her and prepared by me
She wanted Scallops, fresh asperagus out of our patch and parsley buttered potatos
I used Wutangs Idea and did bacon wrapped scallops.
I did them over cherry wood at about 275* for about 45 minutes in the GOSM. brushed with butter and captain morgans Rum. seasoned with Bue Monde and garlic. they turned out fantastic, melt in your mouth!
here's a few pics for your mouth watering pleasure
fresh cut asperagus!

wrapped and seasoned

out of the smoker after about 45 minutes @ 275*

plated with the asperagus and parsley buttered potatos

thanks for looking!
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That certainly looks excellent! Thanks for the pics.
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Nothing better than scallops and asparagus~except maybe homegrown asparagus! Excellent meal and thanks for sharing.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You have to love them scallops with the bacon. Then home grown asparagus thats to die for. have you ever wraped the asparagus their really great. Did you grow the potatos too. One of you have a real green thumb.
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Looks delicious! I wouldn't mind having that for dinner. smile.gif
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Attachment 21224 Man that's as good as it get's! Louie & I did that gig Saturday!
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No I did not grow the taters, I have limited space and the local truck farm is almost right next door. I am however, very proud of my asperagus patch!
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Looking good uncle_lar.I enjoy fresh cut asperagus myself.Fine mothers day breakfast with scallops etc.Thanks for pics.
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Looks great Unk. Scallops, the large sea scallops, are hard to beat. I've never smoked them, but it's on my to-do list.
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Great job, looks awesome.
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