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did you smoke at a lower temp or did you keep the smoker arround 225? Looks great!
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Man you nailed that!! I gotta try that, and soon!!
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It actually takes my MES a couple of hours to get to 225. So I would say I was smoking from 180 to 225 in a very gradual increase. I was smoking a roast beef at the same time so I actually sped it up a little. The cured capicola could have stood some slower smoking time. I was using such a mild wood that it really wouldn't have hurt it at all. When I first starting smoking meats.... I was a smoke hound. Way too much smoke on everything. As good as it all was.. there was just too much smoke. Now I have much more finess with my smoke and at times I'm a bit light on the smoke.
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Looks great!

Man, you've been smoking up a storm the past week. Do you run a catering outfit?
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No.... it's an illness. Red sent me out to the grocery store to pick up some lemons yesterday and I came home with 4 tenderloins ($1.99 lb.) and 3 more chuck roasts ($1.99 lb.) I'm talkin a package of 2 tenderloins for $4.88. How do you walk by that?

The two best investments I made in my smoking arsenal is the slicer and the vacuum. When I get on a roll like this I slice and dice and vacuum everything and put it in the freezer. It is wonderful to be sittin watchin a movie and have an earge for a BB or a nice capicola sandwich and knowing it's just a few minutes away.

I like to share too. I stand out in front of my house and give out samples like they do at Sams. I've gotten quite a following.
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What was that address again?
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Now I know you are crazy.icon_lol.gif
Nice job Dave.points.gif
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I found a Morton Tender Quick Substitute on the Bradley Smoker forum years ago, been using it ever since.

16 oz kosher salt
8 oz regular table sugar
2 oz InstaCure #1
Mix well, I use a stand mixer and let it run for a few minutes, store in a tight sealing jar.

Hope it helps and enjoyicon_confused.gif
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reviving an oldie here. I need to try this

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