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Roast Beast

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This turned out really nice. I think next time I'm going to try and inject it with some apple juice, onion powder and garlic. Needs a boost to the flavor.

I rubbed a round roast with onion powder, garlic powder, EVO, and pepper. Kept it simple. Here it is going into the smoker with the Capicola.

Smoked with a mix of applewood and maple. Pulled it out at 135 degrees and let it rest. When it cooled off enough I slammed it to the fridge until the next day.

I was a little afraid that I might have got it a tad too done by the time it rested but it turned out just right. Nice and pink inside with a tad of blood..... er I mean juice.

All sliced up and into the vacuum bags.... sealed and to the freezer. I kept a bag to munch on. This stuff is really good. Especially cut really really thin.

Thanks for checkin out my qview.
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Wow that looks good. Glad you didn't over do it on the temp, Nothing better than sopping up some of that "juice" with a piece of bread or biscuit.
Injecting sounds like a great idea, you could try so many different flavors.
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That looks really good! Do you have a slicer? If not you sure got some pretty thin slices by hand.
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Yep.... got a slicer. I love it. Couldn't do without it now that I've had it. So many things really need to be sliced up nice and thin and nothing does it like a slicer.
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That lookin great and your set for awhile for the sammies. Thats what we do on most weekend smoke a couple of chunks for the rest of the week. Question thou does the injected apple juice change the favor very much? Sounds like a great idea.
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Looks great Dave PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good looking stuff. Nice
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Very nice, and your slicer does wonders. Everytime you post with its results makes me want one!
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Great looking roast. Also interested in seeing the Capicola.
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Very nice indeed, good job.
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Good Lord man, you smoke more food in a week than I do in 6 months. That is some shweeeeeet looking meat. I mean for a whittler and all. You should spend a little more time trying to perfect your craft.


Obviously I'm just teasing. Awesome looking stuff. Points!
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Looks really good, Dave. Just the way I like it, too. smile.gif
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Real nice job Dave...ya gonna be eatin good for a while now!!
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Looks great man. That will be perfect for some sammies
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Man that looks awesome! I can taste it now with some horseradish sauce! Crap I drooled on the keyboard again!!
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Great job Dave. I wish I had your slicer and you had a feather in your butt. icon_lol.gif
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You actually do make me Laugh Out Loud. Thanks!
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looks great! steak and cheese anyone?...
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late to this thread, but I want to pile on my praise for that fine looking beef.

I found this thread because I have a hankering for some rare roast beef, and its going to be a beautiful sunny day. No better time to fire up the borrowed WSM that performed great smoking some chickens last night. So I searched for tips on the beef, and it looks like the OP nailed it.

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