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They look great Dawn, thanks for sharing. Glad ya got your favorite, but would have thought it being mothers day, you should have been catered to.

Still drooling over the Q-view, will have to try it simple... Mine don't seem to please my taste buds as much as pork ribs, and I do like beef for the most part.

aka Rocky
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Thanks for the concern, Matt, but I really enjoy smoking so that's what I chose to do. I did get catered to though. I didn't have to fix lunch, or anything else for dinner, just the ribs. They made desert and did all the dishes. To me, that was the best part. icon_lol.gif No cleanup. smile.gif
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Risky's BBQ in Fort Worth specializes in all-you-can-eat Beef Ribs and they don't hold a candle to those that you smoked, I can tell just by lookin'! Great Job!
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Thank you everyone for all the compliments and points.

I have to admit that dino bones are my fav things that have come off the smoker so far. I can highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't tried them yet. smile.gif
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Wow...look what I missed while I've been so busy!!! Those look really delicious, Dawn. I've seen quite a few threads on Beef ribs lately...gosh, they must be good...gonna have to pick some up soon and give 'em a shot!

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Excellent smoke and Q, Dawn you do have a way with smoking those Dino ribs. Congrats lady.
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