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I'm a Happy Camper

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Dan and the kids went to the store this morning to get dinner. I told them I wanted to smoke something today and to see if they could find some beef ribs for me. Beef ribs happen to be my favorite so I was glad to see they had found some. I seasoned them with kosher salt, cbp and granulated garlic. Plain and simple. Smoked them 3 hrs 45 minutes at 250 with a mix of mesquite and cherry. The cherry added a touch of sweetness to the beef.

After a couple of hours in the smoker.

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They look fantastic Dawn. I really do need to try some beef ribs one day.
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Great looking ribs Dawn. I can see why their your favorite. Yoall have to lend me your secret. I hope the weather was good for you
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That looks like a fantastic meal Dawn! Happy Mother's day to you! I'm with you Rick, gotta get these into the rotation.
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Some fine looking ribs Dawn. You always make great looking smoke.
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Those look fantastic nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Dawn, those ribs look great. Nice job....
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As usual your food is beautiful and picture perfect. Thanks for sharing... I went through Memphis TN this past week and all I heard was ribs, ribs, ribs, and didn't get a chance to have any. Now yours look so good I want some all over again!

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Excellent looking ribs, Dawn. You sure know how to make a guy hungry.
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yup -a pretty batch of ribs,nise job dawn-how the chops turn out?
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Awesome Mother's Day smoke Dawn. Way to go.

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Mmmmmm, mmmmm, great lookin beefies favorite also!!!
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Wow dawn looks amazing
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Great looking beef rbs! I just can't find good ones around here. They always look like all bone and very little meat. Points!
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Looks great. I could eat a few of those!
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those look awesome!!! so whats was the secret baste??? i also seeing less and less of the bradley... great job, points.gif
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Looks great. What a way to celebrate Mothers Day!!
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The baste I used was just beef broth with garlic. I used a spray bottle and sprayed about once an hour after the first hour.
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Fine lookin dino bones dawn!
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