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Venison Bacon With A Twist.....

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It's been awhile since I posted but I pulled the last of my venison out on Friday and decided to make some bacon and give it a little twist. I only have pictures of the product after smoking(sorryicon_sad.gif) but here are some pictures. I followed Curly's recipe and added some hi-temp cheese to it as well as some extra ingredients. I used 50 percent venison, 50 percent pork. I think it turned out alright. Enjoy!
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Long time- No post..... The cheese looks great in the bacon. Were there other additional ingredients? If so, what were they, were you happy with the taste?
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it looks VERY good! have you got a link to curly's recipe?
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That looks really, really good mj!
Excellent job, shame that is the last of your venison, for now.
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Looks like mj-air23 signed off so in case it is a while till he is back, here is some info.....
Venison Bacon Recipe -

Venison Bacon Mix - http://stores.curleyssausagekitchen....%2C/Detail.bok

Taste Booster Mix -
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thanks, mossymo!
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Good looking bacon. I need to call Curley's.
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It's been awile since I have been posting on the site. I have glanced in from time to time tho... Yea, I tried some hi-temp cheese and added some extra coarse ground pepper. I think it is my best batch so far. I really like the taste of the cheese in there, even though I probably should have it icon_lol.gif Thanks for posting the info for Curly,s recipe. A guy from work has bought some from Midwest Research...seems to taste similar. He puts his in summer sausage casings tho..icon_rolleyes.gif
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That stuff looks AWESOME !!!!! I am going to have to try that.
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