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Smoked Rib Steak W/Qview

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Someone asked the other day about smoking Rib Eye Steaks or some kind of steak, so, I thought I would post tonights smoke.

Nice ribeye lots of Marbeling.

I put on some Granulated garlic and lemon pepper and smoked it. After 1 1 /2hours of smoking at 150' and the internal was 100'.

I used mesquite and hickory, then seared it on the Weber Gas for 4 minutes on each side. Came out Med well to Carol's delight. Overdone for me but still good. She had a phone call which delayed finishing it off, otherwise it would have been rare.

Thanks fro wathcing.
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Looks great Ron, huge rib steak fan here.
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Looks great, Ron! I think people just watch to see when dinner is ready then pick up the phone. Happens to me all the time. I've gotten to the point of just telling them, "I'll have to call you back"!
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I cook my rib eyes for roughly 4 minutes on each side (rare) I would think, after smoking, if you were to grill for 4 minutes on each side it would be pretty well done.
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I don't answer the phone during dinner. Turn the ringer off. Meals are important!

Nice looking rib steak, Ron. Love a good bone-in steak...that's the way to go. Hashbrowns on the side, too.....YUM! Excellent post, thanks for sharing PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thats a great rib eye. I've never tried to smoke one I always grill mine on a regular grill but that looks so good I will Have to try one. Thanks for the little push Ron.
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Nice job Ron. Looks good.
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NICE! I love smoked steak, good job Ron.
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Looks like a tasty meal there Ron! I gotta branch out on what I cook a little more. Nice job!
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I can see Carol smilin all the way over here!
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Thats is one nice slab o' beef. Here in the beef belt u get a thumbs up! Nice!
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been wanting to do one now I see how I'm going to proceed looks great
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Great lookin steak Ron...on the to do list!!!
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Looks great!! Man I love my Atkins diet!!!
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