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Chucky Smokenator Q-view

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Bought a Smokenator 1000 with the hovergrill a few days ago. To my surprise, it came on Friday. Perfect! I wanted to smoke both days this weekend. Decided to christen the Smokenator with a Chucky. This one is 3 pounds.

I used a commercial rub, made of the typical salt, pepper, garlic, etc... I didn't have any fresh garlic, so I plugged it with fresh Onion. Let it sit wrapped up in the Fridge overnight. I used a mix of Pecan and Apple chunks. The water was beef broth with Onions.

All rubbed up:

Going on the warmed up grill:

Been basting it with Paul Kirks' "Beef Mop Sauce" from his Barbeque sauces book. I ran into some problems during the smoke. Most all of the issues are discussed in the manual that came with the Smokenator. But being a Pig-head, I decided to fight the Smokenator every inch of the way. I finally surrendered, and did what the book said. I was planning to smoke some CS ribs on the Brinkman tomorrow. But I'm going to use the Smokenator again, to get practice.

Things were going south, so I forgot to take a pic when I foiled it. I ended up foiling it at 157* I was intending to go to 205 for pulling, but it was taking too long, and everyone was hungry. So I pulled it at 196* and put it in the cooler for about an hour. It wouldn't quite pull, yet it didn't really want to slice anymore either. But it sure tasted good. Best Chucky I've made to date. I used the mop as finishing sauce, and it was great. Much better than the tried and true stuff that I came up with 20 years ago. Dang, hat's off to Paul Kirk!

Here's ol' Chuck sliced up and ready to eat:

Not sure what to think about the Smokenator. Most of what went wrong today was my fault, for not listening to what the manual was trying to tell me. I'll use it a few times before I declare it one way or the other.
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Excellent smoke ring on the chuckie, and it sounds delish!!! Points!
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Looks great BidSteve! I bet you'll have the hang of that new toy in no time!
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Sure does look good. Nice solid pink on her.
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Nice Chuck, Steve!!!
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Sorry it was such a fight. But sometimes the things we love most are worth fighting for. icon_confused.gif

Congratulations on your new smoker and your successful maiden voyage.
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Very nice chuck, smokenator problems or not. You fed everyone, they were happy, so no worries. Stop, think, regroup. You'll make it happen the way you want next time.
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Good looking eats....Play with that Smokenator a few more times and you'll have it wired. :>)
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Looks great Steve, I never did a chuckie but after looking at yours, you know I will now. Thanks for the pics.
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well the food looks good but the name:- Sounds like something from the simpsons.
the episode where homer buys the smokenator 1000 with hovergrill and manages to black out the whole of springfield with a dense smoky cloud :-)

So what on earth is a 'hover grill' and what does a smokenator 1000 look like ?
I'm intrigued :-)
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So what on earth is a 'hover grill' and what does a smokenator 1000 look like ?
I'm intrigued :-)
what he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Looks good. Glad it tasted good too. As long as you learn from your mistakes that's all that matters. Next time will be even better. smile.gif
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curious aardvark and morkdach
I wondered the same also-

A couple of moths ago I purchased the Smoke Daddy "Big Kahuna" for a smoke generator - I was looking for additional smoke when smoking in summertime temperatures.
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