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Two Whole Chickens on the Spit This Weekend!

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We're having a mothers day party this weekend and it's been requested by popular demand amoung the family that I do whole chicken in the smoker. It was a tie between the cajun rub chick and the Worcestershire smoked. So, with the size of my smoker and the amount of family coming over, I decided to do both at once. I''ll have qview tomorrow night. Wish me luck on this double.
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Good luck with your smoke.
My Mother just doesn't care for smoked foods, though she will try anything I make I couldn't do a whole dinner for Mothers Day, and my Dad is a vegetarian, luckily the rest of my family enjoys smoked goodness.
Hope all goes well and can't wait to see some pics.
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good luck on the mother days smoke-bet it goes well-breasts in a pineapple salsa italian dressing marinade for the grill tomarrow-will become somthing mex. I sure.
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And you turned out fine in spite of all odds!
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How did things turn out Ray?
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Here ya Go!

Everything turned out actually better than I expected. The skin did get crisp but other than that the people that came all said they will never be able to eat stove/oven chicken again. I actually messed up when I started this thread; it was cajun and teriyaki. Not worcestershire. Forgot to take a pic of it after I rubbed it with Cajun Rub. The teriyaki chicken I did nothing with until about an hour after it was in. I just put them on the spit... Here's two hours into the smokel; Cajun on the right: Here's after 7 hours:

Edit: The skin did not get crisp like I wanted. I need to work on that... Any suggestions?
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Real nice job on them birdies....boy they look good!!
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Delicious! Looks like they melted together in that one picture.
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Crispy Skin

I was hoping the skin would turn out atleast a little crispy. I guess I need to work on that. But they were really good.
The more I use that smoker the more I learn about it.
Thanx for the replies.
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They sure look great!!! In the one pic it looks like on one of them the skin is very crisp. What temps did you cook them at?
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Real nice but I do have a question. It took 7 hours for a chicken? That is like forever to get a chicken done. I do 5lbers and never cooked one that long.
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These were about 6.5 lbs each. The temps ranged from 225 - and at one point it reached 275 when I dozed off watchin chair. When I'm doing chicks, I try to stay 225 - 250. That's just from what I've read to do with them.
On the cajun, I basted with evoo every hour or so. The teriyaki, I basted with some mix that my wife made up every hour.
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That's to low for chix. I shoot for around 275 to 300F when I do chix.
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Ditto.. What he said.
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Thank ya

Thanx. I also just read that to get a crisp skin you should raise your heat the last hour to about 300-325 or something like that?

Thanks for the info.
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