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3 Quality Pistols

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I use to shoot competition both in IPSC and pin races. I no longer participate so with great reluctance I am selling 3 of 14 pistols I have.

The first pic is a All Sport 40cal for unlimited class. It is fully customized and the only difference between the pic you see and what I am selling is the sight on mine is a single reflex lense red dot instead of a tube. It was full tricked out by Hunter Customs. for more info on the firearm I have.

The other 2 are identical to the pic below in new condition. They are Belgium made not south american made Browning HI Powers in 9mm and one in 40 cal

PM me for prices and to arrange payment by cash or certified check only. You must be able to pick these up and provide a copy of your Drivers Lic. for my records that they have been sold and to whom. I cannot ship these across state lines to a private individual.
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Unfortunately, my 'toy' funds are a little low, or we might be talking. I bet you hate to see the Belgians go - it's a sweet pistol. I have one of the last 9mm Hi-Powers (Fabrique en Belgique) I got 20+ years back...
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Good looking pistols.
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You've got me beat by two. I only have 12 handguns. If I was younger and still in comp shooting I'd be interested in that Browning 9. At 67 tho I just can't shoot like I used too. <sigh> But it sure was fun for many many years. Nice looking firearms you have there. Just wish I was younger.
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I can make arrangements to ship from one FFL to another FFL. You will have to pay your FFL a service fee most likely. Probably 20 bucks or so.
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I'm in the middle of buying a house, but that High power 40 has me wondering how bad i need a fridge,hell i got a cooler and they sell ice here in town.
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Both Brownings are no longer available as they have been sold. Thanks for the interest. The Race Gun in 40cal is still available.
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