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Old fridge

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OK so I am in the process of getting my double barrel smoker on the go when my old man points out an old fridge. You know like the latching style now I am thinking of giveg the double barrel to father in-law and starting a build on the fridge.

Anyone have any suggesttions for the fire box and mounting?
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Sorry, I can't help. But don't forget.... When it's done, you need to arrange something so that a small child can't hide in it. Even if it's only a chain and padlock.

Very easy to forget some of the details. Good luck with it.

>>>>>DAD mode: OFF
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Depending on what kiond of heat you would like you could always just gut the bottom, add a hot plate and you're good to go, well there is more to it than that, but that is a heat source lots of people have used.
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Someone just built a really nice one and used a chargriller sfb. Do some searches in the charcoal smoker section maybe...
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Here is a thread of DaveNH building one from a frezzer.

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