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Wood chunks burst into flames

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I've gotten quite comfortable with my Brinkman. But one thing bugs me. I'll have a nice light smoke going. If I take the lid off to mop, or open the side door for some reason, many times my wood chunks will burst into flames from the O2 hit.

Any way to avoid that? I ask because when I close up, the flames snuff, but I get that nasty burnt wood smell for a few minutes. I haven't really tasted it in my food yet, but it seems it would be best if I could avoid it altogether.

Any ideas? I use dry chunks, BTW......
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Not really much you can do short of keeping the lid on.
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I have the same problem with mine, put the lid on and things are fine, take it off and I get a burst of flames causing my heat to spike pretty good. If you figure it out please let me know I am running the same smoker.
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As soon as the lid goes back on the chunks will go back out. Its quite alright actually. The spike will last no more than 5-10 minutes TOPS. If it lasts longer too much air is still getting in.

DDAVE told me to shut off all the valves to my UDS for a few minutes to cut oxygen to fire. open the lid do what i need to do and let that oxygen play for a few minutes then open valves back up. It has worked. I dont care too much for the flames but its only for a few minutes.

Good luck.
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I get the same thing on my ECB Steve. I just close it up and go about my business. I used to fret over it but not anymore.
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Same thing on my Brinkmann. I considered making foil pouches for the wood, but I just close the vents when I mop, re-open them a few mins later.

Previously, I would just pick them up with tongs, and lightly dip them into the water bowl of woodchips that is nearby. then they just start smoking and smouldering nicely.
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Fear not my friend, it's only a temporary things. BTW, a GOSM can do the same thing when you open the door. It's just reacting to more air being introduced to the mixture. Smoke on my friend.
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That's about as solid info as there is to be had. ^^
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