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ribs on sale

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BB at 3.49lb and SR at $1.99lb In little rock, ar at Kroger. Pretty good price around here. I'm loaded up. Also ready for our first contest. Smokin J's. Wish us luck at BUZZ BQ
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That's roughly the everyday price here at Sam's Club. Still haven't found the cost going down as was predicted. Good luck on your comp.
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The ribs I find at Dillons/Kroger are enhanced. Treated with a solution that prolongs their shelf life. It also changes their texture and flavor. Ill shop elsewhere and pay extra for natural ribs. But thats just me...
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Thats about what they are @ sams in north fla. But load up if its a good deal. After all who can get tried of smoked ribs.icon_lol.gif
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I have a couple racks that were enhanced that I bought for $2.27, but the natural ribs I bought for my brothers going away tomorrow were $3.10 for a 3 rack pack.
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HEB in Houston has BB for 1.99/lb. Just grabbed 2 racks for under 10 bucks!
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I just finished up a mess of BBs from Kroger that had been enhanced. I won't do that again. Just my taste but I don't care for the enhanced. It tastes like a breakfast porkchop no matter how you cook it. These did anyway. I would think it would be a matter of how long they have been in the solution and what ratio the salt is to the meat. I'm gonna start checkin out the label from now on.
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