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How has everyone been?

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I'm still out here, now a man in his 40's - waiting for the weather to clear to start some Q'ing again. Mr. Bishop does not like the cold rain.

Anyways - hope all is well in the land of the TBS.

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Well Mr Bishop... Looks like your weather is here at least for the next week. :D

Mr Rock works outside in the cold rain in Sacramento... and lives in the snow on the west slope... Thank GOD the weather is a changin!!!

I hope to smell some TBS as I drive down the hill soon!

aka Rocky
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Good to see ya posting again. Time to get that smoker fired up its been too long
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So glad to know you're back in touch with your friends here at the SMF. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome back. Glad to see you post again.
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Glad to see you back. Don't be a stranger. Fire up that smoker and don't forget the Qview.
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glad your back-get the TBS going.
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