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Nice lookin links! been itching to make a little sausage, you have pushed me a little closer to the edge PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Thanks to all. No idea how I didn't get the grill marks, guess the low and slow smoking. Smoked them until they hit 152 and off to a cold water bath until they reached 110. First time using a cure. Already ate some and they were good. I think I went a little light on the seasoning and salt. Subtracted some cause I thought teh instacure would have some. Have a bunch of recipes marked in Rytek's. More to come. I am hooked.
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we have pecan and hickory trees here in southeast kansas there in the same family. Ive used both and there is no noticable difference in pecan and hickory.
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Just to clear things up, if you smoked it to 152F, then you didn't cold smoke it. Cold smoking is done at at temperatures around 90-100F and does not cook the meat.
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Then I hot smoked it. Hot, cold, it was good.
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That looks delicious. Totally newbie question because I know nothing about making sausage (but I love to eat it)...

But since we're always told to cook a butt to 165* why is it safe to only take the sausage to 152*?
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Sausage that has been cured with Sodium Nitrite can be pulled at 152 F and can be smoked longer at lower temperatures (e.g. 170 F and below).

Sausage that hasn't been cured should be cooked to 165 F and need to use higher temps (e.g. 225+ F) so it gets done faster and spends less time in the botulism danger zone temps (internal temps of 40F - 140 F).
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I'm sure it was. Definitely looks like it tasted good.icon_lol.gif Good job and good QView!
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Thanks for the explanation.
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I second that Panther - good explanation on the "danger zone". Just for the record instacure / prague / etc. will not impart any new "seasoning" to your sausage that I can tell but if you cook it for a test it will turn red. I always take a small amount and fry a test patty to see how it will taste prior to stuffing - it's not too accurate since cooked tastes different than smoked but gives you an idea of the approximate taste...and if your lacking essential ingredients.
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Thanks for the info Rokkett. I didn't know wether to cut back on the salt or not.
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#1 cure vs. MTQ

No problem - Glad to be of some help (shhhh...don't tell anyone!) now if you are using Morton's Tender Quick (MTQ) then would need to cut down on the salt since MTQ has alot of salt added...not positive of the ratio though but I want to say 2 tsp. #1 cure vs. 8 Tbsp MTQ per 10 lbs. ---Maybe one of the experts can chime in on that to verify??
I always use #1 cure since it's so much cheaper to buy vs. MTQ. #1 cure is approx. $12 for 5lbs. and MTQ is about $6 per 2lb. (at my local butcher) and you use so much less. Plus most recipes I run across call for a #1 cure of some sort.
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