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Graduation Smoke

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i just finished trimming, slathering, and rubbing 2 butts, 6 loin back ribs, and 2 st. louis ribs (with skirts and trimmings). I have to have them done by 6:30 friday (i'm pulling the butts). I'm thinking of starting at 2am to give myself time since I'm at the beach and rain can come just about whenever. Does that seem like enough time for that quantity? i'll post pictures when i get a chance. I'll be using this forum to keep me awake (and a case of bud light) so post whenever
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That seems like it would be enough time. Maybe sure you cook the butts to internal temps. The ribs, well you will just have to know.
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^^^what he said^^^

you should have plenty of time. good luck with your smoke. be sure to post those pictures.

no qview...never happened
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Jumped the gun a little early (0000) to beat a 1600 shower. I had trouble getting my heat up in the first hour (my left side was running well below 230) now I'm locked in at 230 on both sides at 0440. My first ribs are getting close to finish. Camera is charging and I'll get some pics around sun up (for proof)
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Good luck Bame. Beer, smoke and the beach. Sounds like paradise to me.
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Sorry this took so long but to get the pics up but here they are.

All in all the cook went well. My guests enjoyed the food and now i'm looking for a new excuse to crank out food in that quantitiy again. (then again making bbq for people from Conn. isn't too hard since they think TGI Fridays made the original pulled pork)
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looks great that's funny about qing for yankees
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Looks excellent! Thanks for the pics.
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Now that's funny! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Nice looking food ya made.
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Everything looks great. Glad it turned out well for you.
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Looks really good. Good job.
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Great job Bame...all looks delicious!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

BBQ in CT.....PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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Nicely done Bame, beach and BBQ, not too often we see that here! Maybe you can start a trend!
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I'll be honest I feel bad for the guys up north. It been 70 here since Feb. Gives you alot of oppurtunities to smoke
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