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Wood question

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I have never kept much wood here at home since I have just had my small chargriller. Yesterday I bought a load of sesoned oak and hickory and have another coming today. Do you guys keep it covered or uncovered? It will be stored next to our house under the over hangs but it will still get wet. I got a big load of Pecan from South Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina came through and it rotted before I could use it all and dont wnat that to happen here//
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i wouldn't store it to close to the house just in case termite's are in it,or get in it, you don't want them to move on in to the house with you. i put runners down on the ground to stack my wood on and also cover it good to. should last ya pretty good this way. just my two cents worth anyway.PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I don't keep enough to worry about but I keep mine covered. Get you some seasoned fruit wood too. I have Apple , Cherry and Pear. Adds some good flavor to the meat.
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I'd agree with keeping it covered. Good selection of smoking woods ya got!
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DO NOT KEEP IT NEAR THE HOUSE!!!!!! Had to pay a small fortune to have em taken care of.
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carpenter ants and termites will get to it easier if its on the ground, a couple 8 x 8 x 16 cinder block painted with blackjack roofing tar as a base with a couple of the add a 2 x 4 firewood racks from menards on top is what my apple and cherry supplier uses to keep all manner of bugs off his stuff. I plan to build a setup like that this summer, he just uses normal tarps with sand filled ziplocks inside dirty old socks tied on to the gromet holes to keep it down, I might use new socks or even ziptie the tarp to the rack in the back and velcro front.
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Ditto on the termite thing for sure!

Most of my wood is uncovered but I do have one rack covered so that I have dry wood at all times. I keep it stocked at all times. Cut and seasoned wood will be good for about two years , covered or not.
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Thanks for the info. I moved the pile and the racks and will cover it tomorrow. I would have not thought about the termites. I do have it 8 inches off the ground on top of a treated 2x8 frame. The guy delievered me two real big loads and stacked it for 100.00, he even cut it to my lengths and spkit what I thought was too big....Good deal in my book
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That's a real good price. You're going to like smoking with wood as a fuel.
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