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Ordered my Peppers!

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Ordered these tanight, now I gotta get some beds built!

Cayenne Sweets
Costeno Amarillos
Fooled You Hybrids
Jalapeno Tams
Senorita Hybrids

Jalapeno's an cayennes varyin from sweet ta mild ta hot! Got a dozen plants comin, should be upta my backside in peppers!
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We are a bit ahead of ya down here Tip we are harvesting a few peppers but most of the plants still have small peppers on them
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It's fun watching that stuff grow! I have 10 acres but no ambition to plant anything. Too much clay and alkali. Good luck on your peppers, Tip.
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Congrats, Tip! Hope to see some pics of your garden. You have the space all cleared out, or are you planting them in pots?
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I'm jealous Tip. I had started some fooled you hybrids from seed and ruined the first batch along with several other peppers. Planted them again but out of the few seeds I had left only one grew right and is still growing.
At least I have one.
Cayenne Sweets sounds like a good one, I'll have to try them out next year.
No Bhut Jolokias for you?
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Gonna do some beds along the fence an the deck laurel, right where I can keep an eye on em! Seem ta be some "sticky" fingers round here lately! Might be time fer some more rock salt in the shotgun!
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Place I ordered from was out, maybe next year!
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If you would like I can send you some bhut seeds. The ones I did inside didn't germinate and they have a very low germination rate and are one of the most finicky peppers to grow.
I'm planting more when the weather goes to at leasst a steady 80s during the day and hopefully I will have a few plants.
My local nursery lady claims it is fine to put seeds out in the ground later into the season and they will still grow fine.
If you would like some seeds message me and I will send you out some. I bought a 50 pack and have at least 30 left, and if I even get one to grow that will be more than enough.
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What he said gors for So.Cal. too.
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