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My new Mini Smoke Station

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I had been storing my smoker and other stuff on the patio floor, and Gloria wanted me to move it, even though I would wheel it to the edge along the grass when in use.. So I built a 2 ft. x 8 ft. platform, painted it, and had the gardener place it along the fence. The gardner had some pavers that were from an old job, so he installed a 4 ft. x 8 ft. section for me to wheel on (whellchair.). It's not a very big area, but it keeps my hardware off the patio and I'm happy too. Notice I didn't make a space for Gloria's 22.5 in. weber... she can wheel it someplace else. It'll probably end up on the patio floor. It's all good my friend.
Thanks for viewing my BIG smoke station. When the banner is up... things will be smoking soon!
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Wow... nice looking cooking areas Rich! Love your green yard and your back patio too! Very Nice!cool.gif
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Very nice Rich. Enjoy it.
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Thats a right nice set up there buddy! Great man space!
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Thats a great looking smoking section.....and a great yard!! Congrats..
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Now that is
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Looks great nice space
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Real nice station ya got yourself there Rich...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice looking smoking area, Rich. Enjoy it! smile.gif
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Nice looking area Rich.
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You're set with a real nice looking area! Nicely done!
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Great smoking area. I like the big storage bench for all your stuff.
Thanks for sharingicon_cool.gif
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Thank you, I keep my wood and other stuff in there for convenience. In case there was a doubt, the banner stakes my claim. Have a great week my friend.
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Looking good!

I need to do something similar. My stuff is out on the little patio where the front door is. I just can't bring myself to run hot charcoal cookers over the grass in the back yard.

But it's going to have to wait. I have to re-roof, add insulation to the attics, have the ducts replaced, and pay for a full time college student in a private college.

Ugh. At least the car will be paid off this summer.
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That's a nice looking setup you have there Rich.
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Nice looking area Richoso. Looks good
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Someday, I hope to have a nice spot for my cooking. It's all out under an oak tree at present....
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