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Looking for side firebox

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I have a Brinkmann charcoal grill(pitmaster?) that I want to add a side firebox to. I can't find where Brinkmann sells the firebox separate and the Char-Griller side firebox attaches to the wrong side. I need one that attaches on the left side of the grill as you face it. Anyone know of a side firebox that would fit on the left side of this grill? Even if it is a different brand I could probably make it work with some alterations.
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Hello GR84GW and welcome to SMF. I've actually never thought about a right and left side box before. You may want to check craigslist for a used smoker. I know the new side boxes are about 80 bucks new and I see used smokers as low as $30 total.

Good Luck,

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Hey beard,

I've thought about that but not many smokers show up around this area on Craig's List. I have a bigger smoker so I can afford to wait a while. Thanks for the reply.
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Kewl! Do a search for Atlanta.
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Heres a thought....

The Chargriller box will attach on the left but open from the rear...

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I know there are smokers with the fire box on the left (because I have one) It is a GrillPro brand I got at Ace Hardware. I can't find any for sale online except on a Canadian site.

At least you can see what it looks like. I will try and see if I still have my original manual with any contact info for the company if you want.
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Smoke Freak, my wife already shakes her head with some of the things I do. Not sure I want to add fuel to that fire icon_lol.gif

Thanks Wutang I would appreciate that.
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GW if my wife ever stops shakin her head cause of me Ill figure thats shes gone.

Actually one year at the state fair I saw a smoker design where the fire box was in the rear behind the cooking chamber. Seemed like a good idea to level temps from end to end. Cant remember the brand...
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The Good One smokers uses that type of design.
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