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My first smoke on the new drum

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Since I finally finished my drum last week, Saturday was my first chance to burn some pig. Overall I was extremely pleased with how the drum performed, though one basket of fuel only got me through about 8 hours before I had to reload. I smoked three butts on Saturday and two more on Sunday. Here are the pics . . .

2 1/2 hours in

Humming along at 300* under the center of the grate

Later in the day

Ready to be foiled

The finished product

Love that drum!

Thanks for looking!
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Looks great. I finally got mine built. Hope my first smoke turns out as good as yours did.
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Great lookin piggie.....nice job on the first run!!
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Looks great, nice ring to boot! What was the wood flavor?
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good looking drum!
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Great looking drum and even better looking pork.....Congratulation on two jobs well done...
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Both the drum and the pig look great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice job on both
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Looks like you got that figured out in a hurry! Good looking stuff!
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Thanks for all the kudos. I used RO lump, with hickory chunks and a few apple chips mixed in for flavor. My only diasappointment was the fuel running out so quickly. Not sure if I need a bigger charcoal basket (I actually built my basket before I found my drum, so the basket was intended for a 55-gallon drum) or not, but it wasn't any real big deal to add some more lump at the end. icon_mrgreen.gif
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That's a fine looking drum. Congrats on it's maiden voyage!

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Great job on both the drum and the butts. Looking good
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nice smoke ring!
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That's another great-looking drum and the pork looks delicious too. Nice work all around.
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How much charcoal does your basket hold? Was it started full? On a full basket I have had one accidentally going the next 18-19hrs I think.

I usually use briq's versus lump in the uds only because they seem to burn a little longer and more evenly.
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My basket is round with a 14" diameter and 11" of height capacity. Part of the short longevity was probably because I ran at 300* all day, but it probably wouldn't hurt to have a bigger diameter basket since it's an 85.
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Great looking drum and real nice Q. I would most certainly build a larger basket for that size drum. You could use a 22" grate and that should get you the long burn time we get from the 55 gal. drums.

Try and keep the temps down a tad too.
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Nice lookin' pork, looks like you christened it in right. Great pics.
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