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questions about my new braunfels smoker

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gosh it has been so long since i have posted anything here, but i took a leap this past weekend and purchased a New Braunsfel Smoker with side fire box.......$150 at
academy. From what i can see the barrel diameter is smaller then the chargrill with sfb and i kinda thought smaller barrel might mean less fuel. But i do have a few questions, i am modifying it like the char griller and the smoke stack comes down to about 2 to 2 1/2 inches from the top grill, is that enough or bring it down to the grill? Second i have read some posts on the minion method of working the firebox and if i use this method should i double or triple stack the charcoal before i put the wood chips in? Thanks to one and all who can give a little advice. Oh by the way qview will be coming shortly too.

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The smoker should be above the grate, but you can do what ever you like. Mine is above in my Black Diamond. I put little wood chunks through-out the charcoal stack for the Minion Method. That seems to work pretty well for me.
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I have a NB Hondo.
I extended the exhaust to the grate, also had an old BBQ grate laying around that I cut and used for the firebox. It raises the coals about 2 inches off the bottom. Helped a LOT. Plus if the ash builds up too much there is enough room to clean out under the grate while still smoking.
Loosen up the firebox and put woodstove rope seal around it and tighten it back up. That worked 100% to seal that part. I also loosened up the exhaust and put it around there too.

You might want to search the forums for "tuning plates" I had to wrap some old grates with aluminum foil for makeshift tuning plates. It evened out the temps pretty well.

It's made some awesome Q, you should really like it.

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thanks guys

Wanted to send out a thanks to Todd and Tony for the nice tips, i'm slowly getting all the leaks sealed up and learning a little about controlling the heat also. Again thanks and happy smoking

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Hey Bill! Be sure to post some pics of the work your doing, we love that kind of stuff. Good luck on the mods!
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