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woods for smokeing pork

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just would like to know what are some of the best woods for smoking
pork ( ribs, pork chops etc) and also if one was going to smoke some pork chops how long roughly would you cold smoke them for .just new at this thanks.darren
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Hickory is a standard wood, but maple and pecan are also great for pork. Find the one that fits your taste and roll with it. I can't say anything about cold smoking pork chops.
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Apple er maple would be great on them. Hickory to. Ifin yer gonna cold smoke em yer gonna have ta cure em first. True cold smokin is a lengthy process.
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I've had pretty good results with this gives the chops really nice flavor without overpowering the meat or making it bitter.

Put some wood chips (cherry, apple, hickory or whatever your in the mood for) in a smoker box or loosely wrapped in foil with holes punched in it and let the smoke start rolling in the hot grill. Then throw the chops in and cook them as usual trying not to peek or let much smoke out.
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Apple wood is my current fav, but the great thing about smokin' is trying new things.
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What he said, sometimes with a little Hickory. Just experiment, you will find a flavor that you like.
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I've always used hickory and apple, half and half.icon_confused.gif
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like the others have said: Hickory (stronger flavor) and apple (little milder), I like pecan sometimes too. I'll have to try mixing apple and hickory, that sounds pretty good. I usually wind up using hickory because I like a little stronger smoke flavor. It's all personal taste. try 'em all and see what you like.
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My personal favorite is hickory and maple together,,, then lastly some oak when I am in that mood... I have to experiment more with the oak though..
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