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First Brisket, looking for ideas.

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Hey guys, and gals. Going to be doing my first brisket in the morning and dont want to screw it up. Came home with a 10# brisket today, one end about 1 1/2" thick, the other a little over 3". Nice fat cap on it. How should I go about smoking this? Trim it? Rubs? I want to keep it somewhat simple, foolproof if yo will. The wife is not very tolerant of my mistakes LOL. Hope to get some good feedback from you all later tonight.

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There are LOTS of posts on here about how to do a brisket. This is one that shows how I do mine. I did this 13 pounder back in March. Hope it helps.
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Vegans post is great. Stick with that and you should be ok. Just don't get frustrated when you hit the plateau where the temps quit rising. It could last a couple of hours or more. Don't raise your temps and hold your ground, it'll come around.

Good luck and be sure to give us updates with picts. I'll be looking for this post in the morning!
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Dude, I gotta say your avatar is the best I've seen. thumbsup ;)

Will be waiting to see this brisket too, good luck!
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Thanks Pink...gotta love The Dude.

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I wanna see I wanna see! :)
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Brisket did not get done yesterday. Instead, I started it at 8:30 this morning. Its been nearly 7 hours and its up to 188 degrees. Not too much longer and Im going to remove it and foil it and let it sit for a bit. Pics to come shortly.
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Can't wait to see that packer all cooked up!
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