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New Grill n Smoker

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Hello from Canada, across the river from Detroit. I am not new to smoking but just bought my first smoker. Its a $70 Brinkmans Smoke n Grill. Everything looks good but I am not sure of a few things.

1- In the charcoal pan at the bottom of the grill, is this where I would put my smoker box and have it sit right on top of the charcoal lumps?
2- How much lump charcoal should I use? I know charcoal should last about 5 - 6 hours.

Thanks for all the help...... ribs n chicken will be my first test.
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welcome from the Soo... i use to live in Windsor
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Welcome aboard! I am sure someone will be along that has that model to help you out. Head on over to the Roll Call forum and introduce yourself to everyone.
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