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Burnt Ends - 1st attempt - Qview

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Inspired by another post on SMF by BigAl
I decided to try a variation using a Tri-Tip.

Smoked it on MES with Hickory for 5 hours.
Attachment 21105

Cut Tri-Tip into 1" cubes.
Attachment 21106

Can't make attachment work.
More on next post.
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Burnt Ends - 1st attempt - Qview #2

Some with BBQ sauce. Some with worchester sauce.
Back into the smoker for 2 hours.
Attachment 21108

Finished product.
Attachment 21109

BBQ sauce on left. Worchester sauce on right.

It was good for a first try.
A learning experience.
More to come.
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Looks good did they taste??
Here's how I make them with a brisket....kinda like BigAl does
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Good. Tender. A little dry. Needed more sauce.
I preferred the BBQ sauce over the Worchester sauce.

Not sure the Tri-Tip was the best choice for burnt ends.
Open to suggestions.
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Ya, I've seen others use BBQ sauce for the final smoke....just a matter of taste. Never seen a tri-tip used for burnt ends....ya did a nice job on em!!
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First of all, what you posted looks real good to me. I have a question about the link to Big Al's burnt ends though. I am a brisket newbie so this confused me:
Do you slice the point for regular brisket but use the "scraps" for burnt ends or do you use the whole point or the whole flat cubed up for the burnt ends?
Sorry, told you I was a nube.
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Not to speak for BigAl, but, I thought he meant to use the whole point for burnt ends.
BigAl has a phone number in his post for more info.
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That was my understanding as well. The point is cut up into cubes for burnt ends and the flat is sliced as usual.
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Yup, you guys got it right...cube up the point and back in the smoker.
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nice job Bud...
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I'm a noob too, so HI!

Looks to me like he made burnt ends from the entire point, and sliced the entire flat. Two birds, one stone.

A man after my own heart, too - a few sices of flat as a midnight snack!PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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I make ends with chuckies. A little more fat in the cut. I'll smoke the whole chuck until about 150 degrees, pull it out and cube it, put more rub on it and smoke the chunks for another couple of hours.
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Thanks. I have been wondering about doing burnt ends with a chuck roast.
You have given me the encouragement to try it.
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Bud lite, nice looking burnt ends. I've been waiting to try this on the next brisket. Iadubber, nice suggestion on the chuck.
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Gonna have to try it with a chuckie...Thanks!!
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I love burnt ends! I always do it with the point from a smoked brisket... yours look great!

Here is a pic of some of mine... I cube the smoked point, add more rub and toss in a bit of sauce and then back into the smoker for several hours...
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You never know until you try. smile.gif Looks good.
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Yep, they turn out pretty decent!

Part way through

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