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First bacon post as promised

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Well, I finally made the plunge into bacon and again,, there are some geniuses here..

I use a product from Central Michigan Butcher Supply called Sweeter than Sweet cure. I let it go for 5 days because of the size I cut them into. Soaked in a cold water bath for two hours, changing water after the first hour.

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Looks good builder...thanks for the pics!!
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Looks great!
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That looks awesome nice job!!!!!!
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Wow, that looks good. Are the hangers for bacon or something else? Where are they from?

Nice PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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wow thats what i'm looken for thanks
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Where are the eggs? Nice bacon.
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looks great-nice to have another bacon maker in the house.
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They are for for bacon and I got them from a local shop that I used to hang out at. Picking the brain of the Pitmaster. He took a liking to me and gave me some recipes, and the bacon hangers. I think you can purchase them from a company called Sausage Maker. They are sharp, I've managed to get myself every time I use them and I curse very loudly. If it happens again I might just send them to you. LOL!!!

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