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1.89$ Pork Shoulder Boston Butt Roast

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Is this a good price? Should I go pick up a few?

or how about...

1.78 pork loin?
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If you like. I think that is what I pay for them at Sams Club. But they are bigger packages there of course.
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That's just an okay price in my experience and I don't live in the south where bbq meat is less expensive. Is it boneless? If it's bone-in, then $1.89 is not a great price. Even here in Montana, we can get boneless shoulder (butt) for $1.39-$1.49 at Costco. That said, do what you gotta do to smoke some pig!
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It's not a great price... I wouldn't fill up the freezer.... but it's not a bad price either. If I were wanting a loin or a butt I'd pay that. It's really an area thing. I can get case price butts at Sams here in TN for 1.10. At the grocery store they are pushing 2 bucks. I can get loin at Sams for 1.69. They generally run a little higher than the butts.
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I just picked up 60 lbs at Kroger for .97 a pound. Sam's club has them for 1.06 but you have to buy a case which is about 65lbs.
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Yeah the case price is cheaper. Hopefully we will finish the big smoker this weekend and I will be buying it by the case for big jobs!
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Are Sams has butts for 1.08 for a 2 pack per#, and loins vary alot, anywhere between 1.49-1.99, depending upon sales at other stores, they match +.10 extra off of any sale price.
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As was stated it kinda depends on whats normal for your area. Ganny and I can usually find butts on sale for .99 a lb around us. Grouper Sandwich whos 30 miles away never sees those kind of sales. For loins thats a pretty good price for us. All you can really do is shop around and buy what you can when you get a good deal.
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I wish we had those prices here.
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What is our good prices for pork and loins and stuff like that? Considerin we both live in Columbus Ohio.
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Well you can get it on sale every once in a while. Like I said I pay 1.89 lb at Sams for 2 bone-in-butts. Around here that seems to be a pretty good price.

Loins vary, I don't buy them enough to comment on them though. I am going to Sams tomorrow for some butts and I will check on them.
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