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Spice supply

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I've been looking all over for a good source for spices. From what I've seen, Butcher & Packer has by far the lowest prices. What scares me though is they appear to be TOO LOW. As they say, "You get what you pay for". I don't mind paying a little more for quality but I'm certainly not adverse to saving some dough either. Can anyone vouch for their quality?
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My first order from Butcher Packer shipped this morning so I can't really say how good the spices are. I have ordered from these places tho and they were good
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Thanks Piney. I'll check them out.
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I ordered stuff from butcher packer and the service was great but I have never used their spices. I have used a lot of spices from Penzy's and was always very pleased with the quality. They have a lot of retail stores also and we love to go there. You can spend a lot of time walking around sniffing spices. Here is a link:
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Just went to Penzys this weekend. Had to make a short day trip out of it. In the store they were very helpful. Only thing I have tried since we got back is the chocolate nd that was good.
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I've ordered from here before: On what I got, they had the best prices when I compared them to places like Penzeys and Spice Barn. I was very happy with the quality.

I wasn't sure if you were talking about spice blends for sausage, or the herbs/spices themselves?
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Wow, these prices are very good if the quality is there. I've bookmarked this, and will give them a try.
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havent purchased from here yet but my grandpa has & they got about everything .
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My wife has ordered from here for 8 to 10 years with great success -
She finds others to go in on the order with her to share shipping charges.
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I've bought from them for over 15 years now. They are in the Eastern Market area in downtown Detroit. Nothing to look at, but the amount of product they go through is amazing. Everything is very good. Try Central Michigan Butcher as well in Hartland Mi or Howell.

Good luck,
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theres a place in Pekin Illinois called Excalibur.
they have excellant pricing but you have to be a business to purchase from them. they do sell a limited amount if items on amazon. other than that butcher packer is about the lowest and good quality.
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Pendery's Spice in Dallas/Ft. Worth have excellent spices, rubs, herbs, etc. I have always been pleased with them. Great service, too!
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Hi All,

If you have ethnic markets near you, a lot of times you can find very high quality spices for cheap. There are a couple of Mexican markets, 2 or 3 Asian markets, and an Indian market here in Des Moines, and all carry good stuff. Frankly, I don't buy spices from the grocery store anymore. Plus, it's a lot of fun to go to the ethnic markets and look around.

Just a thought. Good luck on the hunt!


Oh, The Sausage Maker also has a good list of spices. So if you don't have access to ethnic stores, they might be an option too.
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Ditto. Top notch outfit.

I buy all my spices from them.
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Thank You!

Thank you for this one! They even allow local pickup are just a few miles from my house. Prices are even better than our local herb and natural foods stores.
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If you are ever in town, check out the Spice House. They have a website, I think their prices are OK, but I notice a difference in their high quality.
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I've had excellent luck with herbco.

Great selection, great prices, very good spices.

I've ordered twice now.
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Savory Spice Shop is my main supplier, lots of good stuff. Check them out at
It's all good my friend.
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PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif +1 for Pendery's, I have used them for several years and am very pleased with their products and service. An online order generally ships same day or next day.

Good Luck
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